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Get Unique Device Id of Windows Phone 8

To get Unique device Id of Windows Phone 8 we are using Microsoft.Phone.Info Class. May be the same code is working in Windows Phone 7.5  but in case of  WP8 you will get some error to get details. We are also providing step to resolve the issue.

Create Windows Phone Project
Screenshot (64)

Add button and write code to get device Id in popup

private void Go_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

byte[] uniqueIDbytes = (byte[])DeviceExtendedProperties.GetValue(“DeviceUniqueId”);
string uniqueID = System.Convert.ToBase64String(uniqueIDbytes);
MessageBox.Show(“myDeviceID:” + uniqueID);

Screenshot (65)

When you  run this code may be you will get an error :

An exception of type ‘System.UnauthorizedAccessException’ occurred in but was not handled in user code”

Screenshot (68)


To Resolve this  issue  Go to WMAppManifest.xml and within the Capabilities tab ensure you have checked



Now Run the code and you will get Unique Device Id


RealTimeData server for Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel provides a worksheet function, RTD, that allows you to call a Component Object Model (COM) Automation server for the purpose of retrieving data real-time. This article describes how to use Visual C# to create a RealTimeData Server for use with Excel’s RTD function. The RTD Server technology is used to provide the end user with a flow of changing data such as stock quotes, currency exchange rates etc.

To Create RealTimeData server for  Excel, Download Add-in Express for .Net ( Download Link )

Screenshot (46)

Download and extract Add-in Express and Install it on your system.

Screenshot (47)



After installation of plugin ADX RTD Server option will present in extensibility. Create new project of ADX RTD Server.

Screenshot (50)

In RTD server Design module add RTD Topic.

Screenshot (52)

Select property of ADX RTD topic property.

Screenshot (53)

Now you can see all  RTD topic for  input and output, here we can define parameters.

Screenshot (54)

To view and change in code right click on RTD topic and select View code.

Screenshot (55)

Add adxrtdTopic_refreshdata event and write your logic or service to get the data, here we are using random data function.

Screenshot (56)

Set refresh time interval in adxrtd topic property to get data and update it in real time

Screenshot (57)

Build the project and right click on project and register the ADX project

Screenshot (58)

Its take very less time to register

Screenshot (59)

Its give you a successful registration message in popup.

Screenshot (60)

Open any excel file and use RTD function with Server & module name with parameters go get data.

Screenshot (61)

Data will update in specified time interval

Screenshot (62)

You can also select that data to real time create chart.

Screenshot (63)