Tuning IIS web server for best performance

By | November 21, 2013


Recommended settings for Best performance 

Assumptions (Load on server is 250 to 300 concurrent user, Machine of  4 logical processor)

Enabled ASP Feature in IIS - this enabled us to do the further settings like Threads per processor limit etc.

Threads per Processor limit - This setting was by default set to 25, according the load you may extended it to 100.

Queue Length Property – Value is 3000 by default, but now we have set it 400 because this property  is supposed to be 4*Thread Per Processor hence coming out to be 400.

Max Pool Threads - This setting specifies the number of pool threads to create per processor. This entry was not there we made this entry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\InetInfo\Parameters\ with a value of 20.

Process Model- We can enabled the process model element and configured it to the following values in machine config-

  1. Max Worker Thread – 100
  2. Max I/O Threads – 100
  3. Min Worker Thread – 50

HTTP Runtime element- We have made some changes in this element also:

  1. minFreeThreads – 352 (88 * N ) where N is no of CPUs (4)
  2. minLocalRequestFreeThreads – 304 (76*N)

Connection Pool Changes for SQL Server - connection time-out was by default set to 3600 sec which is a very high value and not recommended because in case of high load when all pools will be used by the pool connection there will be no pool available ultimately. The recommended value is 15 but we have set it to 30. And we have also increased the pool size to 300.

These setting could be vary according the the number of logical processor ,you may also enable the IIS logging to monitor your server /IIS functioning for more effective tuning

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